Mother of two was shot in the head by a masked gunman.

A day after a mother of two was shot in the head by a masked gunman, a Twitter post and the victim’s stolen car could be clues in helping investigators find her killer.

Deputies say Amala  was shot in the head just feet from her two children and relatives.

Just hours before her murder, Amala posted a reflection of sorts on Twitter, celebrating her life’s success and ability to go from homelessness to becoming a business owner. Amala managed creates business plans and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“We overcame being homeless in 2013/2014 to reaching my six figure mark in 2015 to now making multi six figures. No matter what the road looked like, I followed my heart and stuck with it growing my business,” Kahan wrote late Monday.

Amala was 33, married, and mother to a 2-year-old and a 7-year-old .The paper reports that the suspected killer knocked on Amala ’ door around 2 a.m.Tuesday and after shooting her, fled in her car. It was found abandoned a short distance away.

Another point of focus for the investigation will likely be Amala ’ car.

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